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How To 2 – Win a Workplace Discrimination Lawsuit in New York

Associate Will Cowles explains how to win a workplace discrimination lawsuit in New York. In order to win a case of employment discrimination in New York, you need more than just good facts or a story. You also need a careful process of discovery. This involves collecting records…

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FAQ 3 – Why do I want to avoid long litigation?

At Maduegbuna Cooper LLP, we understand the client’s want for quick results in order to bring an end to their stressful situation. Although it is not usually a quick fix, something we make our clients aware of, our team does their best to work as quickly as possible.

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How To 3 – Tell if I have been discriminated against in the workplace

Partner Sam Maduegbuna answers the question, “How do I tell if I have been discriminated against in the workplace?” There are several ways to determine if an employee is being discriminated against in the workplace. Discrimination can usually be identified by comparing

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Meet Samuel Maduegbuna

Sam Maduegbuna, the founding partner of Maduegbuna Cooper LLP, discusses the rewarding work he does at the firm. With the original plan to become an international lawyer, Sam changed his plans when people reached out to him while facing discrimination in the workplace.

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FAQ 1 – Can executives or partners sue for discrimination?

Associate Will Cowles answers the question, “Can partners or executives sue for discrimination?” While partners or executives can sue, there are complicated laws. It is best to have some sort of counsel to help navigate the process properly since it can be more complicated than it appears.

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When an employee is discriminated against in the workplace, their whole personalities and their daily life is affected. They are often left insecure and depressed, wondering what they did wrong and why they are facing the treatment that they are from people they work with every day.

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Process/Working with the Firm

The team at Maduegbuna Cooper LLP discusses their client process. When a potential client first reaches out, they will first talk to a team member on the phone where they will complete an intake questionnaire. The team member will also ask them a lot of questions about their …

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About Us

At Maduegbuna Cooper LLP, the number one criteria to be a member of this team is having the capacity to care, the ability to understand and empathize, and the commitment to seeking justice wherever it may be.

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Case Study: Roger Smith

In 1994, Roger Smith was arrested with a group of people, at a block party for standing on the street. After being taken to the police station, he was held for days without seeing a judge or lawyer. Once he was finally brought in front of a judge and his case was dismissed, he was…

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Case Study: Luis Pena-Barrero

After six years of working with the city of New York, Luis Pena-Barrero started noticing a difference in the way he was treated after a big change in management. As duties were taken away from him, Luis was hurt and depressed when he began to realize he was experiencing…

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