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Firm Overview

The clients at Maduegbuna Cooper LLC come to us seeking validation and an understanding that the discrimination they are facing in their workplace is wrong. They are unsure what to do and are worried about the effect it is having on them, their livelihood, and their family.

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FAQ 6 – How does your process avoid excessive fees

Partner Sam Maduegbuna explains how to avoid excessive law fees at Maduegbuna Cooper LLP. Since clients are usually required to pick up the cost of litigation, the team tries to limit the amount of time spent on witness testimonies. Employment law cases are costly to litigate and clients have to understand money has to be spent to get results, but the team’s process helps to save clients some of those costs.

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How To 5 – calculate damages in an harrassment or discrimination lawsuit in New York?

Partner Sam Maduegbuna discusses how to calculate damages in an employment discrimination case. Each case is different which is why, in New York, damages are based on the particular facts of each case. These damages can impact a client’s salary, pension benefits…

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FAQ 5 – What are the different types of discrimination law cases

Partner Sam Maduegbuna answers the question, “What are the different types of discrimination in the workplace?” At Maduegbuna Cooper LLC, discrimination cases on the basis of race, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, gender, pregnancy are prosecuted. All of these claims are possible under the laws of the State and the City of New York, and service is provided for every aspect of employment discrimination at Maduegbuna Cooper LLC.

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How To 4 – identify and call out pregnancy discrimination in the workplace?

Partner Sam Maduegbuna explains how to identify pregnancy discrimination in New York. Pregnancy discrimination can usually be identified by the treatment of the individual before, during, and after their pregnancy. If somebody was highly successful at their job, but …

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FAQ 4 – What compensation am I entitled to in an NY discrimination case?

Partner Sam Maduegbuna answers the question, “How much do you get from a discrimination lawsuit?” In a New York discrimination case, you’re entitled to any wages that you’ve lost and you’re entitled to recover money for the emotional distress and humiliation caused by the situation.

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Meet Caroline Gallagher

Caroline L. Gallagher, a legal executive at Maduegbuna Cooper LLP, discusses her position at the firm and how she assists clients. Caroline is interested in what’s going on in the workplace, what people are suffering through, how they’re suffering, and wanting to help change that…

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How To 1 – Proving Discrimination at the Executive Level

Proving discrimination at the executive level requires a look at all the facts. This includes the totality of the circumstances, what was said to the client, the justifications for why the client was treated in a discriminatory manner, and how people with similar situations were also…

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Meet Will Cowles

William W. Cowles, an associate at Maduegbuna Cooper LLP, discusses the work he does and how rewarding he finds it. He explains that all workers spend the majority of their lives at work and if they are discriminated against, it will hugely impact the worker’s health, family, and…

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FAQ 2 – How does this process prevent long litigation

Partner Sam Maduegbuna discusses how the process at Maduegbuna Cooper LLP prevents a long litigation process. From the moment they get the client’s phone call, the team begins immediately discovering the story, identifying the key issues, and focusing on those issues.

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Publicly Traded Company and Affiliates Transfers Shares Valued at Over $60 Million to Settle Breach of Contract and Fraud Lawsuit by Nigerian Bank ...

"Jury Awards $2.5 Million for Non-Random Selection of Airline Employee for DOT Drug Testing" Jury Verdict Reporter, JVR No. 810230, 2005 WL 6430457 (E.D.N.Y., 2005)

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